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2015 Fall A Decade that Shaped My Life by A. James Rudin, D. D. (12 pages)
2015 Summer The Madeira Wine Trade by Richard Klingenmaier (20 pages)
2015 Spring 2
Andrew Wales: Alexandria's First Brewer by Garrett Peck (16 pages)
2015 Spring 1
The Parker-Gray District: Examining a Local Historic District a Generation Later by Catherine K. Miliaras (12 pages)
2014 Fall
"The Dark Clouds of War" The Civil War Diary of John Zimmerman of Alexandria: Part II The Journey to Appomattox by John Sullivan (16 pages)
2014 Spring 2
George Washington's Rural Village: Mount Vernon's Plantation Economy and the Town by Luke J. Pecoraro (8 pages)
2014 Spring
"The Dark Clouds of War" The Civil War Diary of John Zimmerman of Alexandria, Installment No. 1: May 1861 to May 1863 by Jack Sullivan (12 pages)
2013 Fall
Miss Mary Jane Stewart: Eye Witness to History by Richard Klingenmaier (16 pages)
2013 Spring E.E. Downham and Frank Hume: Whiskey Men of Alexandria by Jack Sullivan (8 pages)
2012 Fall Runaway Slaves in Northern Virginia in the Early 19th Century by Dan Hicks (10 pages)
2012 Spring The Burial of General George Washington: The Lesser Known Participants by Richard Klingenmaier (16 pages)
2011 Fall The First Union Civil War Martyr: Elmer Ellsworth, Alexandria, and the American Flag by Marc Leepson (4 pages) The Civil War Comes to Duke Street by Ted Pulliam (10 pages)
2011 Spring 2 "This Long Agony": A Test of Civilian Loyaties in an Occupied City by Diane Riker (12 pages)
2011 Spring 1 Volusia: A Farm and the People Who Lived There During the Civil War by Amy Bertch (7 pages)
2010 Fall In the Footsteps of Alexandria's Lamplighters by Diane Riker (12 pages)
2010 Spring Hugh West and the West Family's Momentous Role in Founding and Developing Alexandria and Fairfax and Loudoun Counties, Virginia by Jim Bish (26 pages)
2009 Fall Catherine's Ring: The Story of a Sea Captain and the Daughter of a Philadelphia Potter in Alexandria, Virginia by Richard H. Klingenmaler (10 pages)
2009 Summer Alexandria and Belhaven: A Case of Dual Identity by Diane Riker (12 pages)
2009 Spring A British Fleet Sails into Alexandria by Ted Pulliam (12 pages)
2008 Fall Hessians in Our Midst: Provost Duty in Alexandria 1861-62 - The 88th Pennsylvania Volunteers by Michael Ayoub (16 pages)
2008 Spring A Tale of Two Continents: How Fortune and Ability Affected Two Brothers: Doctor George Carlyle of Cumberland County, England, and John Carlyle of Alexandria, Virginia by Jim Bartlinski (10 pages)
2007 Fall A Defenseless Alexandria by Carole L. Herrick (8 pages)
2007 Fall Gunpowder, Flour, Fire and Heirs: A Waterfront Block from Duke to Wolfe Streets by Ted Pulliam (10 pages)
2007 Summer The Fitzgerald Warehouse: The Early History of an Alexandria Landmark by Diane Riker (14 pages)
2007 Spring Firehouses in Alexandria by Tom Hart (12 pages)
2006 Fall As War Went on, Technology Dictated Strategy and The 115th Illinois and Its Test at Chickamauga by J. Patten Abshire (8 Pages)
2006 Spring Reaching for the Channel: Some Documentary and Archaeological Evidence of Extending Alexandria's Waterfront by Steven J. Shephard (16 pages)
2003/2004 "A Sacred Duty:" Mount Vernon during the Years of the Civil War by Mary V. Thompson (24 pages)
2002 Summer/Fall The Alexandria Sisters of Charity by William F. Carne (3 pages) "Aunt Lindy" - A Former Slave Who Settled in Alexandria after the Civil War by T. Michael Miller (6 pages) Reflections on the Old Presbyterian Meeting House by Miss Myrtle M. Graves (4 pages)
2002 Spring The Alexandria-Mt. Vernon Conference by Henry Morgan (11 pages) Mary Custis Lee-17th Virginia Regiment Chapter, UDC: Honors the Six Soldiers Buried in Its Confederate Plot at Bethel Cemetery in Alexandria, VA by Rebecca Hatchell Kusserow (7 pages) Kate Hooper: Alexandria's "Angel of Mercy" (2 pages) The Episcopal High School: Hoxton House by T. Michael Miller (3 pages)
2001/2002 Winter Literary Tastes in 19th Century Alexandria, Virginia by Robert C. Reed (17 pages)
2001 Fall The Alexandria Memorial Drinking Fountain by Anne S. Paul (24 pages)
2001 Summer Wilmer McLean (1814-1882): Victim or Scrooge? by Cliff Johns (12 pages)
2001 Spring Edgar Warfield: Alexandria's Last Surviving Confederate Soldier (6 pages) A View of Mr Lincoln by T. Michael Miller (4 pages) A Heroine on the Homefront: My Mother's Experience during the Civil War by Mrs. Ada Warfield Kurtz (11 pages)
1999/2000 Winter The Washington and Prince Street Military Prisons: Alexandria's Andersonville? by T. Michael Miller (16 pages)
1999 Fall The Anthony Burns Affair: Alexandria, Virginia Locals at the Center of National Debate over the Fugitive Slave Act during Violent Incidents in Boston, Massachusetts by Cliff Johns (8 pages) The U.S. Presidential Election of 1860: Reflections of Judge Andrew Wylie (7 pages) Christ Church and Its War Work during the First World Conflict: 1917-1919 (5 pages) Vignettes from the Pages of the Alexandria Gazette: A Lone Indian. Alexandrians Used as Human Hostages on U.S. Military Railroad Trains. Negro Regiment Raised in Alexandria. (3 pages)
1999 Summer Alexandria and Northern Virginia in the Early National Period: The Paradox of Liberalism in a Slave Society by A. Glenn Crothers (18 pages) Civil War Vignettes (7 pages) President Abraham Lincoln Reviews the Troops Near Shuter's Hill (2 pages)
1998/1999 Winter/Spring The Saga of Saving and Reconstructing Ramsay House by Peter H. Smith (36 pages)
1998 Fall The Mystery Surrounding G. W. P. Custis' Painting of George Washington at Yorktown by T. Michael Miller Vignettes from the pages of the Alexandria Gazette: Crime & Punishment. Carlyle House Struck by Lightening. Alexandria Academy Foundation Stone Laid. The Silver Greys. An Ancient Grave. Saw John Wilkes Booth Killed. Football. Four Mile Run. Repartee. A Reckless Rider. Runaway Train Car. Scarred by a Ghost. Businesses of Yesteryear: New Flour Mill. William Dean's Shoe Factory (20 pages)
1998 Summer Colonial Alexandria Levers of Power by Effie Crittenden Dunstan Vignettes from the Pages of the Alexandria Gazette: Cock Fights at the Canal. A Royal Bull Fight. Brass Band. Portner's Brewery. Stink at Petersburg. Disgraceful. Concordia Summer Garden. Old Watch Box. Hen House Robbed. Graves Found. Target Practice. Alexandria Rocked by an Earthquake in 1886. Springtime in Alexandria. Old House Discovered. An Old Landmark Gone. Horses Drowned. Businesses of Yesteryear: The Potomac Manufacturing Company and Virginia Iron Ship Building Company Alexandria, Virginia--Gateway on the George Washington Memorial Parkway by Al Cox, Ron M. Kagawa & Peter H. Smith (20 pages)
1998 Spring The Work of Marianne (Polly) Hulfish in the Old and Historic Alexandria District by Peter H. Smith Vignettes from the pages of the Alexandria Gazette: Disorderly Conduct. Debut of the Phonograph. Alexandria Filling. Lincoln Railroad Car. Alexandria Suburban Villages. A Conversation with the Penny Hill Grave Digger. Penny Hill Cemetery - 1795. Businesses along King Street: Service Drug Store, 706 King Street. Henry Kandler, 1000 King Street. Abel Cohen, 1104-1106 King Street. G.G. Wolt, Florist, 901 King Street. Purcell Shop, 1019 King Street. George Wells Neighborhood Grocery, 429 Queen Street. (12 pages)
1997/1998 Winter Street Boundaries Moved--Property Loss--Deed Errors Ensue by Gilman McDonald Biographies of Colonel S. King Shay and Jefferson Tacey Vignettes from the Pages of the Alexandria Gazette: Dog in a Furnace. New Club. Caving in of a Well. Dangerous Wells. Mary Custis Lee in Italy. Suit Against the City. The Market House Vane. Forbidden. New Victorious Cow. Dangerous Nuisance. Tight Rope Walker. Bicycle in Alexandria. Businesses of Yesteryear: A King Street Jewel Box--The Alexandria National Bank by T. Michael Miller. Common Architectural Terms by Peter Smith and Al Cox (16 pages)
1997 Fall Prince Street Profiles, Part II by T. Michael Miller Vignettes from the Pages of the Alexandria Gazette Biography of James M. Steuart Businesses of Yesteryear (25 pages)
1997 Summer Prince Street Profiles by T. Michael Miller Vignettes from the Pages of the Alexandria Gazette Alexandria Businesses of Yesteryear (20 pages)
1997 Spring Recollections of the Early War between the States in Alexandria, Virginia by A. J. Wickliffe The Fletcher House(s) on Prince Street by Gilman McDonald (16 pages)
1996 Winter The Beginnings of Historic Preservation in Alexandria-Moving Toward the Creation of the Old and Historic District by Peter H. Smith (36 pages)
1996 Fall Two Views of St. Paul's Church, Alexandria, Virginia by T. Michael Miller (12 pages)
1996 Spring/Summer An Architectural Walking Tour of Alexandria, Va. by Denys Peter Myers & T. Michael Miller (21 pages)
1995/1996 Winter The History of the Boyhood Home of Robert E. Lee by J. Patten Abshire (16 pages)
1995 Fall The History of Alexandria Hospital by Ruth Lincoln Kaye The Disinterment of George Washington by Ruth Lincoln Kaye Under the Big Top: The Circus Comes to Alexandria by T. Michael Miller (12 pages)
1995 Summer "Bandages and Broken Bones:" The Civil War Diary of Anne Reading Introduction by Margaret Garrett Irving United States Civil War Military Hospitals in Occupied Alexandria, Virginia (24 pages)
1995 Spring President Lincoln's Railroad Car by Robert Slusser (20 pages)
1994 Fall/Winter A Stroll through History: A Walking Tour of Historic South Lee (Water) Street by T. Michael Miller (52 pages)
1994 Summer Ammi B. Young, Supervising Architect of the Treasury, and His 1858 Alexandria Post Office and Customhouse by Lowell Klock (16 pages)
1994 Spring Isaac Todd's 1804 Alexandria Profiles by Mona Leithiser Dearborn (24 pages)
1993/1994 Winter Thomas Jefferson: Friend of Alexandria by Thomas B. Worsley (12 pages)
1993 Fall A "Toothful" Account of Dentistry in Early Alexandria by Anne S. Paul (12 pages)
1993 Summer The Elks Club of 318 Prince Street by Marilyn W. Burke (12 pages)
1993 Spring Alexandria, Virginia's Market Square by Penny C. Morrill (20 pages)
Alexandria History Magazine

Before the Alexandria Chronicle, the Alexandria Historical Society published the approximately annual Alexandria History magazine from 1978 to 1992. Copies of Alexandria History magazine can be found at the Local History/Special Collections branch of the Alexandria Library.
1992 Charles Koones and the Alexandria Furniture Trade, 1820-1860 by Elaine Hawes (87 pages)
1990 Alexander Hunter and the Bessie Hale Story by Terry Alford Phillip Richard Fendall, 1734-1805, Banker, Lawyer, and Entrepreneur by T. Michael Miller Quarries along the Potomac by Dorothea E. Abbott Lee Children of Sully by Eleanor Lee Templeman (55 pages)
1987 A New Look at the Founding of Alexandria by James D. Munson "Out of Bondage"-A History of the Alexandria Colonization Society by T. Michael Miller Archaeological Investigations at Christ Church, Alexandria, Virginia by Donald K. Creveling Reflections on Silver in Early Alexandria by Catherine B. Hollan Shipbuilding in Alexandria by Frederick Tilp The Bull in the Apothecary Shop by Anne Smith Paul (67 pages)
1984 A Chronicle of the 17th Virginia Regiment-The Reminiscences of Col. Arthur Herbert by T. Michael Miller The Mystery of Ledger G by Terry Alford Alexandria in the War of 1812 (25 pages)
1983 The City of Alexandria and Alexandria (Arlington) County by William B. Hurd Olney Winsor, Merchant by Elizabeth Hambleton History of Saint John's Academy, 1833-1895 by Allan W. Robbins (32 pages)
1982 George Washington in the Eyes of a Contemporary by Elizabeth Hambleton The Washington Society of Alexandria by Robert G. Whitton Montgomery Dent Corso by William B. Hurd. Tour of Potomac, 1908-1930 by Robert L. Crabill AB&W Transit Company by B. C. May How to Research a House History in Alexandria, Virginia by T. Michael Miller (28 pages)
1981 Beleaguered Alexandria, 1861-1865 by James G. Barber "The Town Is Took:" McClellen's Troops on Seminary Hill by Cazenove G. Lee Cazenove Lee Remembers Robert E. Lee (28 pages)
1980 From Alexandria to Albany: The Journal of Mrs. Charlotte Brown, 1754-1757 by Ethelyn Cox Gen. Edward Braddock: A Retrospective by Ethelyn Cox The Alexandria Market Square by James D. Munson Doctoring and Fishing on the Potomac in 1843 (33 pages)
1978 The "Precarious Trade" of a Virginia Tobacco Merchant: Harry Piper of Alexandria, 1749-1776 by Thomas M. Preissir A Canal for Alexandria by Vivienne Mitchell (29 pages)
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